Staff Reporter

There should not be more than three vehicles when the candidate comes

to submit the nomination.

KOCHI: District Collector M. Beena, who is also the district election officer, has called for strict compliance with the Election Commission regulations in connection with the submission of nomination by candidates for the forthcoming Parliament elections.

Candidates should not come in procession for submitting nominations. There should not be more than three vehicles within the limit of 100 metres of the returning office when the candidate comes to submit the nomination.

At the time of scrutiny of the nomination, only the candidate, his/her election agent, the person nominating the candidate, and another person authorised by the candidate will be allowed inside the office of the returning officer.

A minister or a political leader included in the security net and the candidate will be allowed to use a bullet-proof vehicle as recommended by the security agency concerned. However, no more than one such vehicle will be allowed to be used for this purpose. Pilot and escort vehicles, which are part of a motorcade, should follows the guidelines issued by the security agencies. The Election Commission has directed that the government should bear the expenses incurred for these vehicles.

Candidates are allowed to use any number of vehicles, including five two-wheelers for election-related purposes with the prior permission and permit of the returning officer. The original permit issued by the returning officer should be affixed in front of the vehicle in an easily visible manner. The permit card should bear the name of the candidate and the registration number of the vehicle.

The vehicle permit shall not be exchanged. Using a vehicle for campaign with the permit card issued for another vehicle will be punishable under Section 171 of the IPC. Similarly, usage of a vehicle without the permit will also attract punishment.

The vehicle can be decorated without violating the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act and other relevant laws.

However, permits should be secured from the motor vehicle authorities for vehicles used for video exhibitions and such other campaign activities. Attaching loudspeakers on vehicles should also comply with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act.

Grounds of government educational institutions or institutions receiving government aid should not be used for campaign or processions.