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  • A faction of Kerala Congress (Secular) joins KC(J)
  • Talks on with regional parties in the North

    KOTTAYAM: Kerala Congress (J) chairman P.J. Joseph has called for the formation of a confederation of regional parties at the national level.

    Addressing the unity conference organised in connection with the unification of one of the factions of the Kerala Congress(Secular) with the KC(J), Mr. Joseph said his party was engaged in talks with likeminded parties in this regard.

    "We will welcome any move for the formation of a confederation of State parties aligned with the Left," Mr. Joseph said.

    Though Mr. Joseph did not elaborate on the issue, sources close to him later said the party had initiated talks in this regard with regional parties in the North. The effort was part of the attempts to form a third front.

    "The Kerala Congress is not new to such a dispensation as it was one of the active partners in the National Front Government formed by V.P. Singh in 1989. In fact, the party became a member of the LDF through the National Front," they pointed out.

    The party always stood for regional development and under the present circumstances, unity among all Kerala Congress factions was a necessity, Mr. Joseph said.

    The party made an earnest call in this direction and P.C. Thomas, leader of the Indian Federal Democratic party (IFDP), joined the party after disbanding his party.

    The return of Eapen Varghese after disbanding the Kerala Congress (Secular) too would strengthen the fight for regional development, Mr. Joseph said.