Film: Yudham Sei (Tamil)

Cast: Cheran, Y Gee Mahendra, Jayaprakash, Lakshmi, Dipa Shah.

Director: Myshkin

When justice is denied to victims of crime they may react in unpredictable ways with unexpected force. The movieYudham Sei, directed by Myshkin, is their story. The movie is marked by violence with all the gory details.

The element of suspense in the movie is enhanced by well-conceived visuals which suggest that something terrible could happen any moment. In one of the scenes, a mortuary is picturised in such a way that the viewer can almost feel the desolateness of the place. There we meet an interesting character, a doctor who has been performing post-mortems for the past 28 years.

A pair of hands that seem to be severed with an electric hacksaw is found in a cardboard box in a public place in the city. In the following days, similar cardboard boxes appear in different parts of the city. Police officer J. Krishnamoorthy (Cheran) and his team set off to investigate into the matter. JK himself is in the throes of a personal tragedy as his sister had gone missing without a trace several months ago. During the investigation, JK realises that there could be a connecting link between the cardboard boxes and the disappearance of his sister…

The cast includes Selva, Neethu and Ygendra.

G. Jayakumar