The Kerala Agriculture Development Society (KADS) will organise the green fest at a specially arranged venue opposite to the Kanjiramattom bypass road in Thodupuzha from April 19 to 23. “We will give priority to the native varieties of seeds and traditional foods, said municipality chairman T.J.Joseph, who is the general convenor of the programme and KADS president Antony Kanirickal.

Seed distribution

They said that the aim of the programme is to provide seeds and plants to the farmers on April 23, which is traditionally considered auspicious for planting seeds. It highlights the slogan of ‘sufficiency in traditional seeds’. Noted farmers will be given reception and there will be seminars on traditional farming methods. The experienced farmers will share knowledge on their traditional practices to increase production and methods adopted to protect crops from pest attacks.


The main items to be exhibited include various varieties of jack fruits and value added produces. Plantains of traditional varieties and other fruit items that are not included in the present day food habits will be exhibited.

Mr Kandirickal said that organic fruits and vegetables will form a major part of the exhibition.There will be facilities for free soil and water testing.