Decision to be enforced from November 1

Global Positioning System (GPS) is being made compulsory on school buses from November 1 as part of the measures to strengthen the safety of schoolchildren. Students have to be issued radio frequency identification and detection (RFID) card to enable school authorities and parents to monitor their movement.

These were among the decisions taken at a joint meeting of bus owners, police officers, and school authorities held at the collectorate on Tuesday.

GPS will enable the Motor Vehicles Department, parents, and school authorities to keep track of the movement of school buses as also the speed at which they were moving. The RFID card will help school authorities and parents to keep track of their children. An SMS will be sent to the school and parents concerned as soon as the student, wearing this card, boards the school bus.

It was decided that only drivers with a clean record and having at least 10-year experience be allowed to drive school buses.

Drivers who had been convicted on charges of drunk or rash driving should not be appointed. The bus should have a door attender who would ensure that the children got in and got out of the bus safely.

Student comfort

Provision has to be made to ensure comfort of students on the bus. In order to prevent overcrowding, the bus should have one seat for each boy or girl above the age of 12 though one seat would be enough for two students who are aged below 12.

Besides District Collector P.B. Salim, City Police Commissioner S. Sparjan Kumar, and RTOs P.T. Sasidharan Nair and Rajiv Puthalath were present at the meeting.

  • Radio frequency identification and detection cards to be made mandatory for students
  • Only drivers with a clean record and 10-year experience will be allowed to drive