One of the highlights of Governor H.R. Bhardwaj’s otherwise sedate policy address to the Assembly on Friday was the mild manner in which he took a dig at the Opposition Left Democratic Front (LDF) over CPI(M)-sponsored land agitation and the pro-LDF State employees and teachers’ strike.

The Governor rapped the CPI(M) when speaking about the UDF government’s ‘Zero Landless State’ programme. “It is just when my government had drawn up the first phase of this flagship programme to provide one-lakh poor families with three cents of land by August 2013 that the agitation in the name of Land Reforms Protection was launched recently. This ill-advised and farcical agitation that enjoyed absolutely no support of the people of Kerala petered out to a dismal washout,” he said.

This was what he had to say about the six-day strike by pro-LDF employees and teachers against the Contributory Pension Scheme: “The agitation by some sections of our employees was terribly short-sighted and did not reflect a mature understanding of hard realities. This blind opposition to a scheme already implemented by the Government of India and all the States in (the) country other than two was no doubt, ill-motivated by narrow political considerations.