The Government Quarters at Mattumantha is in a dilapidated condition, say the residents. The buildings, constructed 15 years ago, have developed cracks, resulting in leakage, and are in a state of disrepair.

The poor quality of pipes and electric wires have also created problems for the residents, apart from the problems in sanitation and plumbing, P.K. Sunil, president of the Government Quarters Occupants' Association of Mattumantha, said here on Friday. In many quarters, bathroom and kitchen tiles have come off.

He said 24 families were living in the complex constructed by the Kerala State Housing Board. On a dispute over handing it over to Public Works Department, the complex had been kept closed for 10 years.

The association, in a memorandum to the District Collector and the department, said the buildings had become dilapidated without maintenance. The septic tank, the only one for 24 quarters, was overflowing, spreading a foul smell. The pit had to be closed to stop the smell. Mr. Sunil said the quarters had no sunshades. So rainwater entered the rooms through the air holes.

Manaf Thazath, another resident of the complex, said the problem of waste management had become acute in the complex. The municipality did not collect solid waste from here, but a private agency was doing it charging the residents Rs.1,500 a month.

The plumbing and electrification materials used were of low quality. This had caused damage to electrical and electronic equipment. The drainage system was constructed in an unscientific manner, leading to poor sanitation and unhygienic surroundings.