Girl students of various schools in Ramavarmapuam, near here, took out a cycle expedition on Saturday to spread the message of importance of physical fitness.

Under the banner of the Cycle Club of ARCHA (Association to Rejuvenate Children with Holistic Approach) students from five schools took out the cycle rally on Saturday morning.

The rally was received at various points including at the Ramavarmapuram Library and the Kerala Police Academy.

Addressing the rally, Kerala Police Academy Director DIG S. Sreejith said cycling was one of the best ways for people to achieve good health and fitness. “Against the backdrop of increasing violence against women and children there is an urgent need to create awareness among the public about the need to improve physical fitness of women. The cycling has numerous advantages that can improve quality of life, as it provides benefits both physically and emotionally,” he said.

He asked the girl students to make cycling a habit. A group of police officers, led by Mr. Sreejith, joined the cycle rally.

The rally was to spread the message of the importance of physical fitness.