Annakutty Findeis listened as Malayalam’s famous poet and Jnanpith Award winner O.N.V. Kurup recited his poems. “The vocal notations and musicality of Malayalam poems are very difficult to translate and to be read in a different language,” she said.

She knew it better than any at the reading session and interaction with the poet, organised by the Department of German, University of Kerala, in the city on Saturday. For, she has delved deep into his poems to express in German the romantic and highly sensitive flavours that ONV brews in his poems.

At the reading session, Mrs. Findeis followed ONV’s recitation with her readings of the same poems from ‘ Ein Tropfen Licht ’ (A drop of light), which is a collection of the poet’s works that she has translated into German.

The poetry reading session was part of the programme titled ‘Orient Und Okzident: The Meeting of East And West’, which threw light on the different translational works. Audience enjoyed the poet’s recitals of his famous works such as ‘ Bhoomikku Oru Charamageetham ’ and ‘ Suryageetham ’.

In his interaction with the audience, Mr. Kurup said while the rest of the world gave importance to Malayalam language, the language is being neglected in its own place. ‘ Ein Tropfen Licht ’, published by the German publishing house Draupadi Verlag, Heidelberg, contains 85 translations of ONV’s most famous works. The book was released in Germany last year. Mrs. Findeis said such translations of Malayalam’s famous literary works were necessary to make the world take note of the rich literary traditions of the State. According to her, today, in the name of globalisation, only a few languages were given a higher priority, when every language should be considered a world language.

She said such translations should be included in the syllabus, which would enable these works to be subjected to serious works of research.

ONV said while the world gave importance

to Malayalam, the language was neglected in its

own home.