The disclosure by Home Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan that the protection wall at the Thazhathangadi stretch of Kottayam-Kumarakom road, which had caved in early this month, was not made according to technical stipulations has unleashed a fresh controversy, putting the LDF on the defensive.

According to Mr. Radhakrishnan, as per the original technical specifications, granite had to be piled up from a depth of 29.5 metres where rock formations were found. However, for some reasons, this specification was changed and construction began from a depth of nine meters. This means that the entire construction of the protection wall was made on a base of loose soil. The base could not hold the weight of the construction and it caved in, Mr. Radhakrishnan said. The loose soil from the area which caved in had move out into the river, he added.

The allegations by the Home Minister has put the LDF on the defensive as the early work on the protection wall had begun during the tenure of the last LDF government. The local LDF leaders had threatened agitation accusing the Home Minister and the UDF of mismanagement in the construction of the side wall which, according to them, had led to the repeated mishaps at the spot.