A four-month-old female elephant calf, Bhavani, died at the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre at Kappucaud in the Neyyar reservoir on Sunday night.

Bhavani was rescued from the banks of the Bhavani river at Pakaliur, near Attappady, and was brought to the centre on September 30 for rehabilitation, Saseendra Dev, forest veterinary officer, told The Hindu .

“She was found abandoned near the fringe area of the forest. Forest officials, along with tribal people, took the calf into the forest and left it near the herd. But the next day, the calf was found on the spot where it had been abandoned earlier,” he said.

Bhavani looked fragile when she was brought to the rehabilitation centre, but regained health after being fed milk and tender coconuts.

On Sunday, she was again found in a weak condition and writhing in pain.

Though post-mortem examination results alone can ascertain the cause of death, a medical examination showed that the calf was suffering from a digestive disorder. The chances of survival of calves that were weaned were little. Most of them died of digestive disorders, Dr. Saseendra Dev said.