Film: Pattom Pole

Director: Alagappan

Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Malavika Mohan, Anoop Menon, Archana Kavi

Flying a kite or watching one fly does not involve much of your intelligence or your true emotions. It just feels good to watch a kite soaring in the sky if its design is unique, flying is deft, and control is nuanced.

Through Pattom Pole , known cinematographer Alagappan dons the garb of a director for the first time and he seems to be possessed by certain drab and inflexible notions of filmmaking, which has been tried ad nauseam across languages. He is not out there to experiment, with the theme, treatment, or cast.He had his safe-sounding formula for just another feel-good movie, seemingly assured by his scriptwriter Girish Kumar. He ends up producing a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy sans novelty, verve, or relevance.

The title of the movie, ‘Pattom Pole’ (like a kite), ostensibly refers to people’s state of mind when they are in love. As a character says, “it always needs a control,” not to end up in danger.

Karthik (Dulquer Salmaan) is the son of Ramanathan (Jayaprakash), a Brahmin. Riya (Malavika Mohan), a new face, is the daughter of Mathews (Lalu Alex), and belongs to a rich Christian family. The film is set in Alappuzha.

The movie begins with a risky eloping scene of the hero and the heroine at the dead of night. (One wonders why they should opt to run away at night when there is no circumstances in the movie that stop them from doing so during the day. They are already known to be very close friends to both the families. And the families wouldn’t bother much even if they decided to get married!)

Ok, they elope. Then they fall out badly with each other within three days for some silly reason and decide to part ways.

Pattom Pole is all about how their families contrive a plot to test if their love was “genuine or just an infatuation.” As far as performance is concerned, Dulquer and Malavika have done fairly well. For Lalu Alex, there was nothing to perform as plays the rich and caring father for the umpteenth time.

The humorous lines involving the idiosyncratic boss (Anoop Menon) of the event management firm where Karthik and Riya work are among the strengths of the movie, along with an impressive cinematography.

Alagappan is known for his cinematography. His sensibility seems to be primarily focused on giving a visual treat rather than providing food for thought.

Jabir Musthari