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Shortage of staff affecting functioning of offices, say workers

Union says more than 10,000 posts lying vacant in KSEBClaims only 25,558 persons are working with the boardTechnical workers in the KSEB number only 15,246

KOLLAM: The Kerala Power Workers Unity Centre (KPWUC) has called upon the State Government to take immediate steps to fill up the more than 10,000 posts lying vacant in the Kerala State Electricity Board. In a statement here on Tuesday, general secretary of the KPWUC G. Gopinathan Pillai said that as per the figures provided by the Electricity Regulatory Commission, the number of posts in the KSEB is 35,870 and this figure has been recognised by the State Government.

However, at present only 25,558 persons are working with the KSEB. The posts lying vacant range from that of the chief engineer to electricity worker. When there should have been 21,446 technical workers in the KSEB, there are only 15,246 at present, Mr. Pillai pointed out. Similarly, when there should have been 2666 assistant engineers, only 1917 posts have been filled.

The recruitments to the KSEB made directly by the PSC are assistant engineer, sub engineer, meter reader, cashier and electricity worker. A good number of posts in these categories are lying vacant. Only for the post of electricity worker has the PSC invited applications.

The KSEB has 82 lakh consumers. Lack of adequate staff has hit the functioning of several section offices. With the onslaught of the monsoon, the problems faced by the KSEB has increased.

The lack of sufficient staff is worsening the situation. Hence it is high time the State Government and the KSEB took some serious initiative to fill the vacancies, Mr. Pillai said.