Admission supervisory committee increasing fee for self-financing dental courses

The admission supervisory committee for professional colleges, headed by the former judge of the High Court P.A. Mohammed, has decided not to change the fee structure for self-financing engineering courses from the previous academic year, while increasing the fee for self-financing dental courses by six per cent.

Accordingly, the self-financing dental colleges can charge a fee of Rs.92,000.

The committee, however, left the fee for self-financing engineering colleges unchanged for the period between the 2010-11 and 2012-13 academic years.

To avoid confusion

The committee said the decision was taken to remove any possibility of confusion regarding the fee structure among parents and students at a time when the engineering entrance results were near.

It said that the Kerala Self-financing Engineering College Managements Association was yet to enter into an agreement with the government on the fee structure and the admission criteria as in the previous years though it had given a written submission to the committee about its plan to do so.

Besides, majority of the self-financing private colleges were yet to submit vital documents as sought by the committee.

Considering these factors, the committee had decided not to change the fee structure, a release said.

As such, the self-financing engineering colleges could continue to charge Rs.40,000 as tuition fee, Rs.75,000 as interest-free deposit, and Rs.10,000 as caution deposit.

The committee said that this fee structure would be applicable to all self-financing engineering colleges.