As much as 20.23 hectares (nearly 50 acres) of rich farmland was ravaged in landslips following heavy rain at Vadakkemala, near Mundakkayam, on Saturday night.

The landslips rocked three spots near the Vadakkemala Scheduled Tribe colony area by 6.30 p.m., and the flash floods that followed in the nearby Eanthayar area wreaked havoc.

The large trees uprooted were washed down to the Kodunga bridge, damaging houses on the way and blocking vehicular traffic on the Vadakkemala-Kachidam road. Nearly six metres of the road was destroyed in the flash floods.

Fire and Rescue Services personnel from Kanjirappally carried out relief work, along with the police from Peruvanthanam and Mundakkayam.

P.C. George, MLA, said he had asked the authorities to expedite the evaluation of property loss.