Amrutha Dhaara Goshaala at Bajakoodlu, near here, and the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) are jointly conducting a ‘Kasaragod breed conservation' project that will also promote organic farming in the district. Enmakaje, Badiyadukka, Kumbadaje, and Karadukka are the select panchayats for the project.

A training programme on “zero-budget farming” will be held at Yethadka on October 20 as part of the programme.

Mohankumar, a retired teacher, will inaugurate the programme and present the zero-budget farming concepts. Billampadav Narayana Bhat, an expert on the subject, will speak on vegetable cultivation using cow dung and urine of the Kasaragod breed of cows as manure. An interactive session for farmers will also be held on the occasion.