Apprentice programme for VHSE certificate holders

The Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) is launching an apprenticeship programme designed to enhance the skills of VHSE (Vocational Higher Secondary Education) certificate holders in agriculture and to help improve their employment prospects.

The latent objective is to promote and nurture the students as capable village-level change agents, according to S. Mothilal Nehru, Associate Director of Extension.

They will be given specialised training in core agri enterprise areas such as propagation techniques, production and marketing of bio-control agents, high-tech farming practices and enterprise management.

The candidates will be attached to various research institutions of the KAU and State Department farms and they will be given hands-on training in the selected farm enterprises for a period of six to nine months.


In addition, they will be given an opportunity to get themselves acquainted with farmers and crop management specialists. A stipend of Rs.6,000 a month will be given to the apprentices.

Dr. Nehru said the apprenticeship programme was a logical extension of the finishing school programme of the KAU which had already trained 146 VHSE certificate holders.

“Our objective in launching the new programme is to ensure that all the successful finishing school candidates who are not already placed can be accommodated as apprentice based on their area of specialisation.”

The KAU is starting four more batches of finishing school— two at the College of Agriculture, Vellayani, Thiruvananthapuram and one each at Centre for e Learning, University Headquarters, Vellaanikkara, Thrissur, and College of Agriculture, Kasaragode.

The application form for the apprenticeship programme can be downloaded from the KAU website

No course fee will be charged for the finishing school programme. For details, contact Dr. Nehru. Phone no: 94470 90209.