The protagonist of Ranjit's film `Kaiyoppu' (`Signature'), Balachandran (Mammootty), leads a life of contentment, taking things as they come.

It is Balachandran's innate goodness and selfless love for others that helps him lead such a life. If this is what `Kaiyoppu' is all about, it surely is a fine concept.

The climax of the well-crafted film seems to be incongruous and ends up confusing the viewer about what the filmmaker intends to convey.

Balachandran is an accountant in an organic manure factory. He spends his day amidst the stench of the factory. After work, the evenings find him immersed in the world of literature. The books stacked up in his room in the lodge jostle for space. He treasures his collection which he has bought over the years.

A failed publisher, Sivadasan (Mukesh), befriends Balachandran. He learns that Balachandran has written a novel. But he is unable to complete it owing to writer's block. Sivadasan coaxes Balachandran to finish his novel so that he could publish it.

One day, Balachandran gets a phone call from Padma (Khushboo), his former classmate. They had studied together for M.Phil. at the university. Padma tells him about her divorce. They walk down memory lane through their conversations over the telephone. Publisher Sivadasan and Padma meet and she too persuades Balachandran to wrap up his work.Meanwhile, Balachandran, known for his philanthropic ways, sends money and letters regularly to a girl he has never seen. The girl suffers from a serious ailment. Balachandran sells his ancestral property to raise the money for her surgery.

Finally, Balachandran completes his novel.

The events which follow change the course of his life. Mammootty excels in his role. The cast includes Nedumudi Venu, P. Sreekumar, Jaffer, Neena and Ajitha. Beena Paul's editing deserves special mention and Manoj Pillai's cinematography enhances the mood of the film.