`Katha Saritha' a tele-film package got up by Doordarshan, Thiruvananthapuram, and screened by the Bankmen's Film Society, Bankmen's Club at the Nalanda Auditorium here from November 14 to 16, portrayed the nuances of the Malayalam story.

Films screened in the package were based on story/novel of popular Malayalam writers, and was part of an exchange project to popularise story, and novel from different regions, all over the country.

A committee headed by writer M.T. Vasudevan Nair selected the stories for the Doordarshan initiative.


The tele films in the Katha Saritha package are being dubbed into other languages, as those from other regional languages were also being dubbed into Malayalam as part of the project, organisers said.

Ponkunnam Varkey's `Bharthavu' that highlights a contemporary issue, and directed by K.T. Sivanandan was screened on November 16.

`Bharthavu', portrays the life of an unemployed youth who is married to an employed woman, and how he is plagued by societal norms because of the alliance.

The conventional male-dominated notion of society puts the husband in a dilemma.

He is beset with complexes. All this erodes their married life.

`Moonamathoral,' based on story of Mundoor Krishna Murthy and directed by P.J. Radhakrishnan, and `Mothiram,' on novel of Karoor with direction by M.A. Dilip were screened as part of the festival.

The other films screened were `Makal,' story of Rajalakshmi, directed by Kannan; `Koorakal', E. Harikumar, directed by K. Jyothish Kumar; and `Shakunam', Kovilan, directed by Baiju Chandran.

The documentary `Kovilan ente achchachan' was also screened as part of the fete, the organisers said.