The repeated visits to government offices for certificates is set to become a thing of the past.

With Ernakulam turning e-district on Saturday, certificates will be just a click away. Digitally signed 23 certificates issued from village offices will be made available through Akshaya centres once the project is implemented.

The project entails IT-driven application for certificates and their receipt. The applicant just needs to submit the necessary documents, which the Akshaya entrepreneur will scan and attach along with the application. Scanning will be charged at Rs. 2 per each page.

The applicant will receive an SMS the moment the digitally submitted application reaches the village officer. The receipt issued at the time of applying will mention the tentative date by which the certificate can be expected.

The issue of certificates or its rejection will also be sent to the applicant through an SMS.

The applicant can approach any Akshaya centre to take a print-out of the certificate or the note citing the reasons for the rejection. The online service will be charged Rs. 20, which will be shared equally by the Akshaya entrepreneur and the government.

The project will help save considerable time as applications meant for any village office in the district can be filed from any Akshaya centre. A similar principle applies for the receipt of certificates.

The digitally signed signatures are valid under the IT Act 2004 and their worthiness can be verified at the site

The register number issued by an Akshaya centre should be preserved as they could be used for future use as well.

The list of certificates available under e-district project are: caste certificate, residential certificate, identity certificate, relationship certificate, nativity certificate, succession certificate, liability certificate, domicile certificate, income certificate, possession certificate etc.