A recent death of a person in Edathala due to hepatitis E has sparked off health concerns in the district that had seen a grave situation last year too because of outbreak of hepatitis in various parts of the district leading to an epidemic-like situation.

An emergency meeting has been called by the District Collector at his camp office on Tuesday to review the situation and take necessary action.

The District Medical Officer R. Sudhakaran said that there is no need for any panic situation as the number of cases in the last three weeks were not extreme. A total of 23 cases of hepatitis A and 14 cases of hepatitis E were reported with most numbers being reported from Mattancherry (15) and Pampakuda (9).

While the water-borne diseases continue to be endemic in West Kochi area because of lack of potable water in the area, the Pampakuda cases were investigated by the Health department as having spread from a pond where an infected person used to take bath.

The death of two person in Edathala because of hepatitis could be due to unhygienic conditions, said Dr. Sudhakaran. One person had died on April 4 and one in February, he said.

From January to April 16, a total of 69 cases of hepatitis (A, B, C & E) were reported in the district.

  • Lack of potable water in West Kochi causing water-borne diseases

  • From January to April 16, 69 cases of hepatitis were reported