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1,18,576 candidates to appear for the examinations in 279 centres

Two centres in New Delhi, one in Dubai

Examinations will conclude on Thursday

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A total of 1,18,576 candidates will appear for the engineering/medical entrance examinations that will begin on Monday.

While 1,08,151 candidates (52,875 females) have registered for the engineering entrance examinations, 75,363 candidates (47,043 females) have registered for the medical entrance examinations. According to the office of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE) all arrangements are in place for the smooth conduct of the examinations. The examinations will conclude on May 28.

The candidates will be distributed across 279 venues; 276 in the State, two in New Delhi and one in Dubai. More than 8,000 personnel have been deployed by the CEE for overseeing the conduct of these examinations. There will be special observers and a representative of the CEE at each venue.

The first examination will be the physics and chemistry paper of the engineering stream. Though the examination proper will begin only at 10 a.m., candidates are compulsorily required to be seated inside the examination hall not later than 9.30 a.m. There will be 20 candidates in a room and one invigilator.

At 9.30 a.m. the invigilator will begin distributing the OMR sheets (the answer sheet) and candidates can begin entering the required data in the specified areas. By 9.55 a.m. the question booklet will be distributed but candidates shall only break open the booklet’s seal at 10.a.m. Detailed instructions will be given by the invigilator.

As there are four versions of the question paper booklet and the OMR sheet, the candidates should make sure that they get the same version of both. The version of the OMR sheet and the question booklet should match the version number printed on a sticker that will be pasted on the place allotted to each candidate. If the three do not match, the candidate should immediately notify the invigilator. Answers should be marked using ball-point pens having blue/black ink.

Special venues have been arranged in Kozhikode for about 500 candidates to enable them to appear for the entrance examination of the Aligarh Muslim University on May 28.

Further details can be had from the CEE’s web site