Authorities hope to complete project by March in spite of initial delays

The Aadhaar project, which supplies 12-figure unified identity cards to those above five years of age, has begun in Idukki district. It is being implemented through 80 registered Akshaya centres. Authorities hope to complete the project before March-end.

Akshaya project district co-ordinator K. K. Latheef said that 30 technically qualified persons had been appointed to handle the sensitive biometric machine. Booklets that contain basic data required for the identity cards will be issued through grama panchayats. Mr. Latheef said that five or six locations in each ward would be selected where details of persons would be collected.

Along with the application, the applicant should submit documents for proof of their address. Mr. Latheef said that the applications will be received and the biometric cards provided by Akshaya centers in all the grama panchayats. It will be done by KELTRON in Thodupuzha municipality. The details given will not be revealed and there are provisions in the machines to avoid any kind of misuse, he said.

One reason for the project getting held up in the district was the delay in purchasing the government-specified biometric machines certified by the Unique Identification Authority of India. However, it would be possible to complete the project work before the time-frame given by the State government, he said. A review meeting was held by the District Collector and officials were directed to take additional steps to complete the project on time.

The authorities hope that the identity card would ease the process of availing oneself of government facilities and make it more transparent. It will also be made foolproof against any attempts at duplicating the number and making fake identity cards. The multi-purpose card could be used for obtaining bank services, passports, driving licences and other services.

  • Cards to be provided through Akshaya centres
  • Details to be collected at five to six locations in each ward