: The State government has issued orders facilitating electronic transfer of amounts exceeding Rs.2 lakh, payable by government to individuals and institutions, to the bank account of the payee.

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) would replace payments of amounts larger than Rs. 2 lakh by demand draft, and this would eliminate delay in payments to government contractors and others, Finance Minister K.M. Mani said here on Sunday. Now, delays run into years for bill payments to contractors and others.

The Minister said the decision to shift to electronic banking was taken considering the delay in issuing drafts and difficulty in handling cash. The Union government as well as the Reserve Bank of India had asked the State government to shift to electronic transfers from treasury.

Mr. Mani announced that headmasters of aided schools would become drawing officers for salaries of teaching and non-teaching staff in their schools from April 1. Earlier, they could draw the salaries only on the basis of endorsement by the District Educational Officer or Assistant Educational Officer.

He recalled that the government had announced, as part of the educational package, that the headmasters would be designated as drawing officers. Towards implementing the promise, aided schools would be included in the Service and Payroll Administrative Repository of Kerala. The headmasters would be able to draw leave surrender benefits too through the system.

However, medical reimbursements and travel allowances would have to be certified by higher officials. Increments for headmasters, promotions and new appointments would also require endorsement by higher officials. The Minister said the Director of Public Instruction had been told to audit salary bills of aided schools once a year.

  • Sums over Rs.2 lakh to be transferred to bank account

  • Headmasters to be made drawing officers