The time has come to implement the reforms identified over the years to redress the problems in the electoral system, N.R. Madhava Menon, renowned legal educationist, has said.

In his inaugural address at the two-day national seminar on ‘Electoral reforms and the law' organised by the Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Law Reforms under the National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS) here on Wednesday, Dr. Menon said that the nation has achieved a vibrant and strong political democracy as witnessed in the recent conclusion of elections to various State legislatures peacefully and methodically.

Option to reject

N.K. Jayakumar, Vice-Chancellor of NUALS, presided over the event. Recommending that voters should be given the option to reject the candidates, Dr. Jayakumar advocated the benefits of having a two-stage election system with the top two candidates of the first round moving to the second run-off round so that the person who gets eventually to represent the electors will have more than 50 per cent of the votes cast in the election.