Koodiyattom centre Nepathya will present ‘Prabandhotsavam', an eight-day-long Chakyar Koothu festival beginning April 30, to commemorate the second death anniversary of Koodiyattom legend Moozhikulam Kochu Kuttan Chakyar, Nepathya's pioneering acharya.

The programme, titled ‘Gurusmarana', will be inaugurated by T.N. Seema, MP, at Nepathya's Koothambalam (Koothu theatre) at Moozhikulam. On the occasion, M.V. Narayanan from the University of Calicut will deliver this year's Moozhikulam Kochu Kuttan Chakyar Memorial Lecture on ‘Prabandhakoothu - time, space and continuity'. Child Koothu prodigy Nepathya Sreehari M. Chakyar will present the Ramayana (first part) on the first day.

Born to Koipa Narayana Chakyar and Kavutti Illodamma at Irinjalakuda Chakyar Madom in 1928, Kochu Kuttan Chakyar mastered Koodiyattom from doyens. In course of time, Kochu Kuttan Chakyar won laurels for his narration skills and gift of the gab. Even as he took swipes at society and its erring individuals through his Koothu recitals, he was particular about keeping his criticism within the limits of civility. He became principal of Margi, Thiruvananthapuram, in 1991. Eminent present generation Koothu and Koodiyattom artistes such as Ammannur Kuttan Chakyar, Margi Narayanan, Margi Madhu, Margi Sathi, Margi Raman and Margi Usha picked up the finer aspects of the art under his tutelage.

Kochu Kuttan Chakyar authored the stage manual for Vibheeshana's ‘nirvahana' in the seventh chapter—Agnipravesankam—of ‘Ashcharyachoodamani' and thus became instrumental in bringing it to stage in complete form.