The State Drugs Control Department took a giant leap towards becoming a people-friendly and transparent e-governance system on Friday when it adopted a new software, XLN (Xtnded Licensing and Laboratory Node), which will help the department in speedier drug licensing, laboratory monitoring and information dissemination.

Minister for Culture K.C. Joseph formally launched the new software, developed by NIC, Ahmedabad, at a function here.

The software has already been successfully adopted by the drugs control departments in Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

The new software, apart from helping the department in clearing the applications for drug licences and speeding up all processes within the department such as movement of files, online issue of licences and ensuring transparency, will help in disseminating prompt information to the public regarding the ban on any Not-of-Standard quality drugs in the market. At present, when a drug in the market is banned for failing quality tests, it takes at least a month before the information reaches the public domain, by which time, probably the drug in that particular batch would have been fully sold out. With the new software XLN, as soon as a drug is declared sub-standard, the information would be sent as bulk SMS messages to wholesalers, retailers and appropriate levels of licensing authorities of other States.

Fast interaction

XLN thus helps drugs control officials in speedier interaction with the manufacturer resulting in immediate stop-use alert and the recall of the batches declared as sub-standard from manufacturer’s level to the stockists, dealers and government hospitals.

The same information would be sent as alert immediately to the members of the public who register themselves at the department’s website ( as well as doctors, hospitals and pharmacists. Officials explained that the software is very ‘citizen-centric’ as it helps the public access a lot of useful information regarding the department online. Once the database of the department is completed and uploaded, the public can easily locate medical shops that sell a particular life-saving drug or medical shops that function round the clock.

The licence validity of a retailer or wholesaler can be verified online; sale of a drug in the market can be monitored; a registered pharmacist can check the vacancies available at a wholesale/retail shop; information on the results of a drug analysis, lab inspection reports by the drugs control officials can also be accessed.

Drugs Controller C.S. Satheesh Kumar said the new software will ensure transparency, accountability and efficiency in the functioning of the department and ensure that only standard drugs are available in the market.

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