The aim of education is to ennoble people, O.N.V. Kurup, Jnanpith laureate, has said.

At the 22 {+n} {+d} convocation of the regional centre of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) here on Saturday, the poet said the institution catered to the needs of students from all corners of the country.

That lent a speciality to the degrees from it.

He wished that the degree-holders of IGNOU would become imbued with humaneness.

In his presidential address, B. Sukumar, Regional Director of IGNOU, said the centre functioned through a network of 55 learner support centres, six regular study centres, 17 special study centres and 32 programme study centres.

Over the years, the student strength of the regional centre had grown by 23 per cent.

The centre offered close to 160 academic programmes, ranging from certificate to doctoral programmes.

On Saturday, 390 students of the regional centre were given degrees and diplomas. Of these, the highest number of 180 students were from the management programmes such as MBA, PGDIM and PGDFM.

While 128 students got various Bachelor's degrees, 60 graduated from various computer science programmes. While 15 students graduated from various Master's degree programmes, seven were awarded postgraduate diplomas.

Prior to the ceremony of the regional centre, the national convocation ceremony of IGNOU was shown live from New Delhi.