All India president of Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) M.B. Rajesh, MP, has criticised “communal and militant fringe groups” for preventing the screening of the film Viswaroopam in some theatres in Palakkad district on Friday. In a statement here on Saturday, Mr. Rajesh termed the action anti-democratic and barbaric. “This is an attempt by some communal organisations to interfere with the cultural life of the country. Though everybody has the right to criticise art forms and creative works, no one has the right to stop their display or screening. This goes against the right to expression and free speech,” the MP said. The reaction of the United Democratic Front (UDF) government to the issue showed its soft attitude towards communal organisations, he said. Mr. Rajesh said that the police had not given protection to screen the film. If the police inaction continued, the DYFI was ready to provide protection, he said.