The Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) State committee has termed the Supreme Court verdict upholding the Kerala High Court's ban on wayside meetings an attack on democratic values and civil rights.

In a statement here on Thursday, the DYFI leadership asked the judiciary to clarify which method other than such meetings were available in a society where a majority of the people did not have access to modern communication technologies.

It also termed surprising the Supreme Court's inability to see that the waysides were the venues of the prolonged anti-colonial struggle.

The DYFI leadership said that ‘chaining' of people's protests at a time when neo-liberal policies were haunting the lives of the majority would only help weaken democracy.

The verdict, which did not behove the country's great history, was impractical. Under the circumstances, the Union and the State governments should take steps to overcome the difficulties to expression of opinions and freedom of expression arising from the Supreme Court verdict, the DYFI State committee said. — Special Correspondent