Malabar Wedding

The film, directed by Rajesh and Faizal, is strewn with humorous situations. But, when it comes to story-telling, it disappoints. The storyline is unimpressive and the climax, unrelated to the rest of the story. ‘Malabar Wedding,’ scripted by Ramesh Madhavan, is set in a picturesque village in Malabar. A peculiar custom known as ‘sorra kalyanam’ is prevalent among a group of friends in the village. When a young man from the group gets married, his friends get together and play pranks on the newly-wed. The leader of this group is Manukuttan (Indrajith). When Avukka (Mamukoya), known to be a woman-chaser gets married, the group hires a woman to act as Avukka’s former wife. At the time of Pookatta Satheesh’s (Suraj Venjaramood) wedding, the gang organises a ‘pulikkali’ in which they sing about his misdeeds.

Finally, it is the turn of Manukuttan to wed. He is to marry a girl from outside the village. Before marriage some misfortune had befallen Smitha (Gopika).

Though she is reluctant initially to agree to the proposal, she finally relents. On the wedding day, Manukuttan gets paid back in the same coin by his prankster friends. Soon things go out of hand as the pranks affect Smitha and her family. In due course, some secrets are revealed as the film progresses to its disappointing climax. The film parades a gallery of comedians from Mamukoya, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Janardhanan, Padanna, Machan Varghese, Manian Pilla Raju, Anoop and Bijukuttan.

There is nothing noticeable in the film’s music handled by Rahul Raj and lyricist Jofi Tharakan. Vel Raj wields the camera. ‘Malabar Wedding’ is produced by T. Santhoshkumar and K.B. Devarajan.

G. Jayakumar