M.P. Praveen

KOCHI: Modern Electronic Systems and Services for Agility and Governance in Enterprises (Message), an integrated digital file-flow management system, is set to be implemented in six departments in the Secretariat shortly.

If everything goes as planned, the system would be implemented within two weeks in the Finance, Higher Education, Food and Civil Supplies, Information Technology, Public Works and Non-resident Keralite Affairs (Norka) Departments, sources said.

The implementation would be in a phased manner and would take anywhere between six months to one year for completion.

Logistics were in place and the Chief Secretary had already held two rounds of discussions with the departments concerned, said Ratan Kelkar, Director, Kerala State Information Technology Mission (KSITM).

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) and KSITM would train the employees of the departments concerned, said Mr. Kelkar.

In the initial phase, the petitions received in these six departments will be handled by Message. The petitions will be scanned and converted into digital documents for further processing. Under the system, petitioners can keep track of the status of their petitions on the internet. Once the employees and the beneficiaries get used to the service, it will be extended to other areas within each department.

NIC developed the software applying open-source software technologies wherever possible.

Message is already in use at KSITM, Akshaya (State headquarter and district offices), Kerala State Urban Development Programme and Kerala State IT Infrastructure Ltd.

Mr. Kelkar found the system very useful and easy to work with. One of the benefits of the system was that the officials could keep up with their work even if they were not at their offices, he said. With an internet connection, they could log-in using their ID and password, take care of the file and forward it for further processing.