It is more than eight years now since work on the construction of the new building for the Thripunithura railway station was started. Although the station office is functioning on the new premises, other facilities such as the waiting room, toilet are still to be provided. Also, no building for refreshment/canteen has been constructed.

The platform is still incomplete. Work on the railway track for the first platform is not ready and the second track up to Mulanthuruthy is yet to be laid. This is a project sanctioned several years ago.

Shelters on the first and second platforms are still a dream, with the result that the passengers are subjected to the sun and rain.

The approach road from the western side to the station is in a poor condition, especially when raining; there are instances when passengers have fallen down and injured themselves. Due to this, passengers are compelled to take the circuitous route via Market Road, to the station.

M.K. Venugopal and C.S. Menon


Repair bridge

I would like to bring to the attention of the Port Trust and corporation authorities the need to repair the Old Thopumpady bridge.

The tin sheets in the middle of the bridge have come loose and the wooden portion of the bridge takes the brunt whenever a vehicle passes. The south end pillar to block entry of cars and heavy vehicles is covered by grass and is not visible, especially at night. The local MLA, V.K. Ibrahim Kunju, should pay attention to the matter.

H. Raghurama Pai

South Cherlai

Parking problem

With the increasing number of vehicles in Kochi, parking is becoming a major problem. It will worsen in the days to come. Even though parking is allowed on both sides on several roads, it is inadequate during the peak hours, and even if parking space is available, parking in these slots becomes difficult with the heavy traffic on the road. M.G. Road has over 1,000 cars parked on the two sides during the peak hours.

Immediate steps are needed to solve the problem.

The district authorities should encourage construction of multi-storey parking places .

K. George Jacob


Is Kochi secure?

The bomb blasts in certain cities of the country have raised fears of similar attacks in Kochi.

Will terrorists strike in the city? In my opinion, there is no reason why any city in the country is safe from a terrorist attack. We have news that the State has already produced some terrorists.

It would be better if the police focussed on this emerging threat rather than, as at present, towards petty traffic offenders or people who smoke in public places.