LDF won all four newly created constituencies in Palakkad district

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) had claimed that the delimitation of constituencies which raised the number of Assembly segments from 11 to 12 will help them in 10 constituencies.

In fact, CPI(M) members in the committee tried their best to redraw boundaries to go in their favour in 10 Assembly seats in the district. Though the LDF could win only seven out of 12 seats in the district they won all four newly created constituencies — Tharoor, Shoranur, Nemmara, and Kongad.

But the creation of four new constituencies also helped their rival United Democratic Front (UDF) to win Pattambi, Thrithala, Palakkad, Chittur, and Mannarkkad without much problem.

The LDF members in the delimitation committee tried to redraw Chittur in their favour and hoped to win it with the support of the Socialist Janata (Democratic) (SJD), then part of the LDF.

In the Assembly polls, though the SJD was a constituent of the UDF it worked against Congress candidate K. Achuthan. Despite that favourable situation, the LDF could not win the seat as UDF won it with a margin of 12,300 votes.

The LDF was hoping that Chittur constituency losing the Congress stronghold of Vadavannur panchayat to newly created Nemmara and adding two panchayats — Peruvembu and Polpully from Malampuzha — will help them to win the seat.

The CPI(M) lost its sitting seats of Palakkad when Shaji Parambil of the Congress won it mainly because of the change in the constituency's demographic profile. The addition of Pirayiri and Mathur panchayats to the constituency removing Kodumbu and Elappully went against the LDF.

But in the neighbouring Malampuzha Assembly constituency, the delimitation has helped LDF candidate V.S. Achuthanandan to increase his margin from 20,000 votes in 2006 to 23,440 votes this time.

This is because of the addition of CPI(M) stronghold Mundur where the LDF had a lead of 4,611 votes over the UDF candidate.

The UDF was hoping to win Nemmara as one of their stronghold of Vadavannur panchayat, which was in Chittur earlier, was added to it. But in a major setback to the UDF, M.V. Raghavan of the Communist Marxist Party (CMP) lost the seat to sitting CPI(M) MLA V. Chenthamarakshan who won with a margin of over 8,000 votes.

The CPI(M) which had held Thrithala seat for the last 20 years has lost it to Congress youth leader V.T. Balram this time. The change in the demographic profile of the constituency partially helped the UDF to win the seat.

One of the biggest beneficiary of the delimitation and creation of new Tharoor seat replacing Kuzhalmannam constituency was A.K. Balan of the CPI(M) who won with a huge margin of 25,756 votes improving his last-time margin.

Adding Vadakkancherry, Kannampara and Kavasseri panchayats to create Tharoor helped the LDF to increase its margin.

In Vadakkancherry, the LDF received 10,456 votes as against the 6,579 of the UDF. In Kannapara, the LDF received 9,705 votes as against 4,444 votes of the UDF. In Kavasseri, the LDF got 8,546 votes as against the UDF's 5,306.

But a loser of delimitation was M. Chandran of the CPI(M) in the neighbouring Alathur constituency.

Though he retained the seat with a good margin of 23,841, he lost the last time record of winning highest margin of over 47,000 votes in the State.

In Pattambi, where the LDF was hoping to exploit some discontent among local Congress leaders, the sitting MLA C.P. Mohammed retained the seat with a margin of 12,475 votes.

The redrawn constituency helped him to win with a huge majority because of the addition of Vallapuzha and Thiruvegappura panchayats where the UDF was far ahead of the LDF.

In Ottapalam, the CPI(M) candidate M. Hamsa retained the seat with a margin of 13,203 votes. He got this huge margin because of the addition of Sreekrishnapuram, Karimpuzha, and Kadampazhipuram panchayats, all LDF strongholds, to Ottapalam.

The new seat of Shoranur was captured by K.S. Saleekha of the CPI(M) with a margin of 13,493 votes because of the presence of Vaniyamkulam and Chalavara panchayats, strongholds of the LDF.