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Chandy urges the Chief Minister to keep aside `narrow interests' for the sake of the State

  • Chandy calls for inquiry into charges of corruption during his tenure
  • Challenges Chief Minister to prove allegations against him
  • THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Leader of the Opposition Oommen Chandy has regretted the delay in transferring control of the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology to the Central Government.

    Narrow interests

    In a letter to Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan, released for publication here on Monday, Mr. Chandy urged the Chief Minister to keep aside `narrow interests' for the sake of the State.

    "Allow me to remind you that your reluctance to hand over the Rajiv Gandhi Centre amounts to wastage of a major opportunity that Kerala has got. This is deliberate obstruction of a great institution started when E.K. Nayanar was the Chief Minister from reaching its goal," he said and added that he was still hopeful that Mr. Achuthanandanwould give primacy to the interests of the State.

    The Opposition Leader, who wrote the letter in response to a missive from the Chief Minister, sought to know why the Chief Minister was hesitant to table the file relating to the Rajiv Gandhi Centre in the Assembly if he was certain that it had not been tampered with.

    Welcomes probe

    He also pointed out that since the Left Democratic Front was in power now, it could conduct an inquiry into the allegation that some major act of corruption had taken place when he was the Chief Minister.

    Any corrupt act must be investigated and he would welcome such an investigation. But the Chief Minister is trying to justify mistakes and foul play in the name of corruption, Mr. Chandy added.

    Referring to the Chief Minister's claim that he had tabled the report of the probe into the functioning of the Rajiv Gandhi Centre, the Leader of the Opposition said his information that no such report had been tabled in the House. He urged the Chief Minister to either table the report or to hand over a copy of the report to him. He rebutted the Chief Minister's charge that unauthorised recruitment had taken place at the centre when he was the Chief Minister and challenged the Chief Minister to prove his charge.