A reported delay in re-tarring Thrissur-Palakkad National Highway 47 has been troubling motorists.

About 8.7 km needs to be re-tarred and potholes along a 30 km stretch filled.

Poor condition of roads on the Pattikkad-Chuvannamunnu-Kuthiran-Irumbupalam-Vaniyampara stretch had sparked a wave of public protests.

Traffic along the road, riddled with potholes, has slowed to a snail’s pace. Motorists complain that driving along the stretch after sunset is a nightmare. Pothole-related suspension damage to vehicles is not uncommon.

Re-tarring began on Monday night, but was halted on Tuesday owing to rain. Work resumed on Wednesday night. Only 1.5 km of the stretch has been re-tarred so far. The work is being done only at night. Traffic is prohibited on the stretch from Pattikkad to Vaniyampara from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. Traffic is being diverted along the Thrissur-Wadakkanchery-Shoranur-Ottapalam-Pathirapala-Parali-Palakkad and the Thrissur-Chelakkara-Alathur routes.

National Highway Authority of India officials said the re-tarring would be completed in 20 days. If rain disrupts work, re-tarring would be delayed by another 10 days, they added. The stretch between Coimbatore and Kochi of NH 47 is said to be one of the busiest in the Indian highway system. Thousands of trucks carrying consumer goods and construction material, and container lorries run along the road every day. About 8,000 lorries reportedly use the highway to reach Coimbatore every night.

About 8.7 km needs to be re-tarred and

potholes along

30 km stretch filled