Deconstructing science for students

Jabir Mushthari
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Kindling interest: Students queuing up to enter the ‘science bus' launched at the Regional Science Centre and Planetarium in Kozhikode.
Kindling interest: Students queuing up to enter the ‘science bus' launched at the Regional Science Centre and Planetarium in Kozhikode.

Mind-boggling is the transformation human life has achieved in just a few hundred years; and these astonishing accomplishments have been credited to science.

Journeys that would have taken months can be completed in hours and tasks which would have taken thousand labourers can be realised by a single machine now.

A travelling exhibition on ‘Popular Science' set up by the Regional Science Centre (RSC) and opened by Education Minister P.K. Abdu Rabb here on the RSC campus on Saturday is meant to throw light on the secrets behind these astonishing scientific achievements made by man in various fields, including the atomic and space fronts.

This travelling exhibition, a cluster of interactive models based on school science curriculum, is specially conceived and realised to create an ambience wherein students can interact and experience science in a very simple and delectable way.

“The exhibits have been arranged in a bus expending Rs.20 lakh,” said RSC officials.

Among other things, the exhibits, kept in different sections, explain how a huge ship weighing tonnes floats on water, while a small coin sinks to the bottom.

Was not it exiting to hear that scientists have confirmed the presence of water on the moon? Knowing the techniques of such findings would be all the more interesting. The exhibit ‘chemical signature' will open for you the door to its secret.

Atoms are the building blocks from which matter is formed. Nuclear energy is contained within the nucleus of the atom. If the nucleus is split, huge amount of energy will be released. ‘Fission and fusion' exhibits will assist one to explore the science behind the nuclear energy.

Various exhibits on topics such as ‘reflection and refraction', ‘mirrors and lenses', ‘spectrum and colours' provide ample inputs to help the visitors comprehend the associated scientific aspects.

20 exhibits

The mobile unit with 20 exhibits on board also covers topics such as photosynthesis, plant and animal cells, human brain, computer, electricity, and semiconductors included in the high school syllabus.

The bus, which will be stationed on the RSC campus allowing visitors in till October 19, will start travelling to different schools across the State after October 20, the officials said.

A travelling exhibition by the Regional Science Centre to throw light on scientific achievements in various fields.

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