Advance to be paid to landowners on receiving consent letters

The road development work in Mulavukad island will be intensified. A decision in this regard was taken at a meeting chaired by Fisheries Minister S. Sarma on Friday, who instructed the officials to open an office at the panchayat office to coordinate the works in this regard.

Mr. Sarma asked the officials concerned to hand over the advance amount to landowners on receiving consent letters from them in cases where the land could not be handed over, despite the landowners' willingness, owing to a variety of reasons like legal cases or absence of relevant documents. Up to 75 per cent of the land value can be handed over in this manner.

A team comprising the members of the local body and officials of KITCO Ltd. will personally meet landowners, who are reluctant to handover the land, within a week to resolve the issues.

Land will be acquired forcibly only in cases where the landowners are not at all ready to transfer the land, Mr. Sarma said.

Shifting of pipelines

The Minister will hold discussions with the managing director of the Kerala Water Authority on the issue of shifting pipelines in the region for the development of road as the amount sanctioned for the purpose has been perceived insufficient for the purpose. Mr. Sarma directed to complete the tender proceedings for the shifting of electric posts without any further delay.

For the initial stage of road development, 240 plots of land are to be acquired. Of this, registration of 201 plots has been completed.

Only in six out of the 39 remaining cases the landowners had shown reluctance to handover land. KITCO officials said that absence of proper documents was delaying the registration of many plots.

About Rs.870.8 lakh had been sanctioned for land acquisition while Rs.375.6 lakh had been allotted for road development.

Bolghatty road

Besides, another Rs.8 lakh had been allotted for the maintenance work of the main road in Bolghatty. It has been decided to launch the maintenance work immediately.

Mr. Sarma said that the possibility of opening the Vallarpadam highway for two weeks while repair work on the Bolghatty road is carried out would be discussed with the authorities concerned.

Dominic Presentation, MLA; District Collector M. Beena; district panchayat member M.J. Tomy; Mulavukad panchayat president A.K. Dinakaran; panchayat members; and officials of various departments concerned attended the meeting.

  • Officials, local body members to meet landowners
  • Rs.870.8 lakh sanctioned for land acquisition