The Kerala Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (Milma) has stated that it will soon take a decision on the imprint “fresh and pure” on its milk sachets after consulting with the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) as the phrase was part of a “mnemonic symbol” owned by the board.

Talking to the media here on Wednesday, Milma managing director K.T. Thomas said the cooperative had already discussed the issue with board authorities in the wake of a recent court verdict, which directed Milma to remove the imprint from the sachets if the milk distributed by it contained skimmed milk powder.

“We expect to get a reply from the board in a couple of days,” said Mr. Thomas.

He clarified that adding skimmed milk powder to milk was in no way against rules or food safety regulations.

The majority of cows here, he said, were crossbreds and the milk produced by them contained lower solid non-fat (SNF) content.

If milk powder was not added, toned and double-toned milk within the standards insisted by the food safety standard regulations could not be produced in the State.

“Adding skimmed milk powder is the only way in front of us to keep the fat and other content in the prescribed level lest we break the regulations,” he said.

Stating that the “fresh and pure” phrase was not Milma’s creation, Mr. Thomas said it was a trademark registered in the name of the board. Not Milma alone, other milk cooperatives and unions were also using the symbol based on an agreement they made with the board, he said.