The police have arrested six more youths on the charge of killing R. Praburaj, 23, during a clash between two gangs at Kunduparamba here last month.

Those arrested were T. Sanu, 21; S. Subin, 20; S. Bijulal, 22 (all from Tadangattuvayal); Nikilraj, 20, and Vaisak, 21(both from Kaipurathupalam); and Sangeeth, 20, Kunduparamba.

As many as 28 persons have either been arrested or remanded in judicial custody so far, said K.B. Venugopal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Kozhikode city.

The case related to Praburaj of Kattuvayal Colony, Nadakkavu, being hacked to death during clashes between hostile gangs around 8 p.m. on September 8.

His friend, Thariq, 23, of Arakkinar, had sustained serious injuries on the head and neck in the violence.

The murder of Praburaj was the result of a rivalry between two karate-kickboxing clubs in the city.

Cases had been filed against at least 40 persons.