Staff Reporter

KOZHIKODE: The general body meeting of the Kozhikode District Petroleum Dealers Association held here recently has decided to limit the sale of petrol to a minimum of one litre.

The decision comes in the wake of increased number of two-wheeler drivers buying petrol in bottles for sums as low as Rs.10 and Rs.20.

This practice is in contravention of the Explosive Act which stipulates that petrol ought to be filled only in the fuel tanks of vehicles.

The meeting also explained the dangers that arose from filling petrol in bottles and cans and not directly to the fuel tank.

The decision of the dealers association comes in the backdrop of similar directives from the police and the district administration on the dangers of such sale, including use for criminal activities.

The association appealed to the general public to cooperate in the matter. Stickers have already been posted at petrol pumps on the matter.