Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The ongoing organisational elections in the Congress will reach a decisive phase in the coming few days with the completion of the elections to the district Congress committees (DCCs) on June 7.

Congress Pradesh Returning Officer M. Krishnaswamy told a news conference here on Saturday that the elections were on schedule.

Mr. Krishnaswamy, who reviewed the election process and interacted with the district returning officers at the Indira Bhavan, felt that there were only minor complaints about the election process. He was confident that these could be addressed as the elections progressed, and denied any possibility of the elections being postponed.

Mr. Krishnaswamy said the block Congress committee elections would be over by June 1. There were disputes in some places, but these were being settled through discussions. “Party polls are going on smoothly. Of course, there are problems here and there, but we are trying to sort it out. Kerala will be the first State that completes the election process,” he said. Asked if what was going on was sharing of posts or proper elections, he said that in many places, the elections were taking place through consensus. There were also places where balloting had taken place. “If there is consensus, there is no election,” he said.

He had met the veteran party leader K. Karunakaran in the morning. Asked about Mr. Karunakaran's reservations about the election process, he said the veteran leader had given some suggestions. His supporters would be accommodated, Mr. Krishnaswamy said.