The land agitation by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has turned out to be an embarrassment for the party, K. Surendran, president of the District Congress Committee, said here on a Sunday.

In a press release, Mr. Surendran said the CPI(M) was now in utter confusion about how to wind up the agitation.

In its hurry to call the strike, the party did not even mark excess land before putting up its flag on such tracts. For instance, the Avungumpoyil region at Pariyaram here had land which had not been declared surplus. The party cadres had occupied land assigned by the previous Left Democratic Front government.

‘Strike’s motive’

He said the strike’s motive was to bring together the workers of the party weakened by internal problems. Those who forgot the landless during their regime thought about the protest when Revenue Minister Adoor Prakash declared that land would given for the landless by April next year.