Crop loss pegged

at Rs.7 crore

Agriculture crop in 126.5952 hectares has been destroyed in the summer rain that lashed the district. The Agriculture Department has estimated the losses at Rs.7 crore.

A report sent to the government by Principal Agriculture Officer K.K. Shobana here on Friday said that 1,855 farmers were affected. At Pattithara in Thrithala, 120 hectares of paddy that was almost ready for harvest was submerged, the report said. The loss is being estimated.

Banana cultivators suffered the maximum damage, to the tune of Rs.6.20 crore. A total of 2,53,509 banana plants that had started bearing fruits and 62,529 others were destroyed. More than 1,500 coconut palms were destroyed in the rain, the report said.

Six houses were destroyed and 304 suffered damages in the rain.