A domestic dispute which resulted in injuries to a two-year-old child culminated in the contract killing of a person, accused in several criminal cases, in his neighbourhood at Varkala early on Thursday.

Circle Inspector, Varkala, S. Shaji said an armed gang hacked Shibu to death after midnight on Wednesday.

They ambushed him at his regular sleeping place, the terrace of his house, and then chased and hacked him to death on the doorstep of a neighbouring home where he attempted to seek refuge.

The police said Shibu had harmed the son of one of his relatives during a family dispute.

He threw the boy against a wall, causing the minor serious injuries.

The police said the boy’s father, another gang leader in the locality, had sworn to avenge his son and contracted the gang to kill Shibu.

The policwe said they hoped to arrest the suspects at the earliest.