The annual meet of the Senate of Mahatma Gandhi University held on Saturday asked the government and the Syndicate to ensure the creation of posts before sanctioning new colleges and courses.

The Senate approved the annual report for 2013, annual accounts for 2012-13 and the budget estimate for the year 2014-15 on the occasion. The Question Hour and the following session were presided over by Pro Vice Chancellor Sheena Shukkur and Vice Chancellor A.V. George respectively.

Moving the resolution for post creation, Senate member K. Sherafudeen pointed out that nearly 400 courses, 13 colleges and 60 off-campus centres had been sanctioned during the previous year. Although this has immensely increased the job burden upon employees, nothing has been done by the authorities to address the issue. It was also during the same period that over 60 employees retired from service. The government move to withhold non-plant grants for four months has compounded the woes of the employees pushing them on an agitation mode. The resolution was being introduced in the backdrop of efforts being made to sanction new colleges and courses during the current year, Mr. Sherafudeen said.

Members of the Senate also pointed out that nearly Rs.20 crore was being withheld in violation of the Mahatma Gandhi University Act. They said the Act allowed withholding amounts only on the basis of a local fund audit by a government-appointed auditor.

The meeting also demanded the government to abandon alleged moves to scuttle the autonomy of the university. It also unanimously urged the Central and State governments to release the arrears as per sixth UGC Pay Commission for college teachers.

Syndicate members B. Suseelan, N. Jayakumar, P.K. Somasekharan Unni, K.V. Narayana Kurup and C.H. Abdul Lathif provided answers to questions posed at the meeting. Senate members P.K. Padmakumar, Saju Mathew, Tomichan Joseph, Sunny Mathew, T.P. Achankunju, Roy Zachariah, Jojy Alex, Jaffer Siddique, N.V. Joshy, Renny P. Varghese, Elizabeth Thomas, Uthaman, Majo V. Kuriakose and C.R. Harilakshmindra Kumar also participated in the discussions.

‘Sanctioning of nearly 400 courses has increased the job burden of varsity employees’