Talks on Deputy Mayor post inconclusive

: The discussions convened by the district leadership of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) on Wednesday to resolve the dispute between the CPI and RSP over the post of Deputy Mayor in the City Corporation Council failed to come to a settlement.

Leaders of both parties remained firm on their stand. While the CPI, with seven members in the council, has already announced the name of PTP Nagar ward councillor Happy Kumar as its nominee for the post, the RSP, with two councillors, maintains that it is eligible to hold the post for the last two years by rotation.

The RSP leaders who participated in Wednesday's meeting argued that the unilateral announcement by the CPI violated the principles of coalition politics. They said the issue had not been discussed in the LDF committee. The CPI leaders, however, said they had announced their nominee on directions from the CPI(M) leadership. “We were given the assurance that the CPI would hold the post for five years. The issue is final and binding on the coalition partners. There is no question of sharing the post,” a CPI leader said.

The RSP leaders who participated in the discussion said the party had made its stand clear. “We are not prepared for a compromise. The talks will continue.”

  • CPI accused of violating principles of coalition politics
  • RSP stakes claim on rotational basis