Special Correspondent

Kochi: The Kerala High Court on Monday criticised the action of the authorities concerned in launching prosecution against a person for reacting furiously against a village officer's unreasonable demands for mutation of a revenue register. Justice V. Ramakumar, while quashing the FIR charging A. Vijayan of Kozhikode with preventing the village officer from discharging her official duty, directed the Kozhikode District Collector to issue appropriate instructions to revenue officials that their duty was to serve the public and not to harass them and drive them from pillar to post.

According to Mr. Vijayan, he had approached Sivapuram Village Officer V. Bindu for effecting mutation of the revenue register of the land he bought. He had submitted the registered sale deed along with the application for mutation.

The village officer not only insisted on production of the original sale deed but also “prior title deed” and the revenue receipt. The village officer refused to act on his application. He then became furious and shouted at the village officer. Criticising the village officer, the court said that the village officer had no business to insist on the production of the “prior title deed.” The village officer was not an adjudicating authority and she could not have acted on the production of the prior title deed, especially when there was neither rival claim for mutation nor any objection by anybody to the request of the petitioner.