First trends to be available by 8.15 a.m.

Kerala's month-long wait to know the outcome of the 2011 Assembly elections will end with the first results trickling in within minutes of commencement of the counting of votes at 8 a.m. on Friday.

By present indications, the first trends will be available by as early as 8.15 a.m., and the winners and losers in all the 140 Assembly constituencies will be known by mid noon.

The counting will take place at 64 centres in the 14 districts.

Depending on the size of the halls where the counting takes place, there will be 11 to 15 tables for each Assembly constituency, one of these being the table of the Returning Officer concerned.

Postal ballots

The first to be counted will be postal ballots. These will be counted at the tables of the Returning Officers.

Simultaneously, the counting of votes recorded in the electronic voting machines too will begin.

As instructed by the Election Commission, the counting of votes at all tables in respect of at least one constituency in each district will be recorded on video and shown on TV for the benefit of the candidates' agents.

Arrangements made

The State Election Department has made elaborate arrangements for disseminating the counting trends to the people.

The department would use the tried and tested ‘Trend' programme for the purpose.

Anyone with access to Internet will be able to get the latest in counting trends and leads on the Chief Electoral Officers' website Special arrangements have also been made to make the trends available to the media even as the counting progresses.

Media centres have been set up at the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, at the PR Chamber in the Secretariat, and at all District Collectorates.

All leading media houses have made extensive arrangements for live coverage of the counting of votes and all related developments.