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For its workplace management programme

The programme is being implemented under MGPQCFI provides technical and management supportIt follows the Japanese 5-S management systemExpert committee to monitor its progress

Thiruvananthapuram: The city corporation has been awarded a certificate of excellence by the Quality Control Forum of India (QCFI) for successfully implementing a housekeeping and workplace management programme at its headquarters office at Palayam.

Mayor C. Jayan Babu received the certificate from QCFI president R.C. Agarwal and director Ashok Mittal at a function on Monday. Councillors, chairmen of standing committees and senior corporation officials were present on the occasion.

The project is being implemented through the Modernising Government Programme (MGP) with technical and management support from the QCFI. Working on the concept of quality circles, the reforms follow the Japanese 5-S management system, classified into Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke steps.

The project involves sorting out official records and files in each section, disposing of unwanted documents and arranging the required ones. The records to be preserved are packed in cloth bags, labelled, catalogued and arranged in shelves. The bags are also mothballed to repel insects. The documents that are to be used daily are sorted and stored neatly within reach.

The furniture and storage cabinets in all the sections are also being labelled as disposable and usable items. While damaged articles are to be repaired and reused, the disposable ones will be auctioned away. The project also includes cleaning and painting the offices and marking the pathways to guide visitors. Each department will be equipped with a checklist and an audit mechanism. The new management system has been implemented in the Health, Accounts and Town Planning sections.

A steering committee has been set up to monitor the progress of the project. This will be backed up by department-level teams. A weekly review by heads of departments helps keep the system on track.

Receiving the award, the Mayor said the project had helped streamline the functioning of the departments in the office. Efforts are on to extend the system to all the departments and zonal offices.